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Quality Care When You Need It Most

Westlake Urgent Care is your rapid and hassle-free solution for immediate healthcare, dedicated to serving our community. Visit us today and experience efficient, personalized care tailored to your needs.

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We are the front door to quality connected care

The healthcare landscape in the U.S. presents numerous hurdles, encompassing soaring expenses and restricted accessibility for a significant portion of the population. This can complicate the quest for essential care for you and your loved ones. At Westlake Urgent Care, we've forged a model that directly tackles these obstacles, offering accessible and comprehensive care. The outcome is an enhanced reach to healthcare services and elevated patient contentment, all at an affordable expense.

Welcome to Westlake Urgent Care

Exceptionally skilled caregivers. Convenient community proximity. And the timeless enchantment of empathy.

Continued Care

Westlake Urgent Care is proud to collaborate with esteemed local health networks within our community. This collaboration ensures that if you require ongoing or follow-up care, we can efficiently link you with the appropriate local specialists for further consultations. Seamlessly shared electronic medical records (EMR) facilitate a convenient and hassle-free experience for your continued care journey. This exemplifies the essence of connected care that we champion.

Increasing access to quality care for ALL

In numerous corners of the nation, millions of individuals grapple with restricted access to reasonably priced, high-quality healthcare. Securing specialized care can pose an even greater challenge. This frequently leads to postponed treatment, dependence on crowded and more expensive Emergency Rooms, or even complete neglect of necessary care. Our driving purpose is to enhance accessibility to top-notch, readily available care for everyone, effecting tangible transformation within the communities we are committed to serving.

The latest medical technology

Diverging from typical retail urgent care establishments, our acclaimed centers feature state-of-the-art amenities including on-site labs, digital X-ray, EKG, and point-of-care testing. These resources enable us to accurately diagnose your condition and chart the optimal treatment path. Our providers are distinguished by their impressive credentials and extensive expertise, driven by a genuine passion for their work. This dedication is palpable and will undoubtedly resonate with you firsthand.

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We provide comprehensive care for a wide range of health needs

ensuring that no health concern is left unattended

Our team of exceptionally qualified healthcare experts is poised to address an array of issues, spanning from common colds and persistent coughs to sprains, cuts, asthma incidents, fevers, and beyond. Should the need arise, we are also equipped to prescribe necessary medications. When you choose Westlake Urgent Care, you can rest assured that you're in capable hands. Your well-being is our priority.

Our Services

From emergency care to general wellness checks, Westlake ensures efficient and effective treatment to best suit your needs.

Committed to our Community One Person at a Time!

Discover what our patients have to say about their experience with us.

Tiffany Burtin

"I've been there twice so far and the staff are very nice and friendly. Went there the first time because my job wanted me to get checked out because my eyes were bothering me. The doctor was very quick and helpful. Second time went to get tested for covid, the nurses and doctors helped and gave me all the information that was needed."

Jocelyn Jude

"The care here is excellent, there's always a doctor there and they get you in and out really fast. I went in because I felt sick, got a COVID test, got diagnosed with the flu and walked out with a prescription and feeling a lot better. The staff is so nice and they really work with you. So glad they opened."

Justina Jude

"West Lake 24/7 Urgent Care, 1419 Lake Street in Melrose Park, which will soon offer around-the-clock emergency care for children and adults, begins RAPID RESULTS COVID-19 testing on Monday for insured and uninsured area residents—no appointment necessary. please share this information to help ensure the health and safety of everyone!"

Allergy Testing at Westlake

Quality Care When You Need It Most

Our Urgent Care Center is Here for You

New Service Now Available

Allergy Testing

Introducing our latest service: Allergy Testing. Uncover your triggers and achieve personalized relief with our comprehensive allergy testing.

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"Quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege."

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