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covid 19 testing


Ensure Your Well-being with Westlake COVID-19 Testing. Our precise testing services provide essential insights to support your health and safety.

Testing Offered

Rapid Test -
Results in 15 minutes (nasal swab)

Antigen tests (frequently referred to as a rapid test) detect protein fragments specific to the Coronavirus.

Standard PCR Test -
Results in 24-48 hours (nasal swab)

     PCR tests are considered the “gold standard” in SARS-CoV-2 detection. This test actually detects  

     RNA (or genetic material) that is specific to the virus and can detect the virus within days of 

     infection, even those who have no symptoms.


Rapid PCR Test -
Results in 30 minutes (nasal swab)


Antibody Test -
Results in 15 minutes (finger stick blood test)

     Antibody tests look for antibodies in your blood that fight the virus that causes COVID-19. 

     Antibodies are proteins created by your immune system after you have been infected or have 

     been vaccinated against an infection. 

What You Need


All patients interested in COVID-19 testing must bring their ID and insurance information. 

Possible Fee

For patients without insurance, the out of pocket fee is $75.  

PCR Test

Patients who need a PCR nasal swab test for travel, work, or other reasons will need to be seen by a provider. The out-of-pocket rate for all PCR tests, regardless of symptoms, is $160.

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