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Department of Transportation Testing & Support

Ensure your compliance with DOT regulations with our thorough and efficient Department of Transportation physicals and testing services at our urgent care center.

DOT Services at Urgent Care: Comprehensive Health Solutions for Federal Employees

Our Urgent Care center offers a specialized Department of Transportation (DOT) service, dedicated to providing federal employees with a range of essential health services. From pre-employment clearance to thorough DOT physicals, we ensure compliance with federal health standards. Our offerings include comprehensive urine testing, fitness evaluations, and tailored medical examinations, all designed to maintain the safety and well-being of employees in transportation roles. Trust our expert team for efficient, reliable, and DOT-compliant health services.

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For DOT Physicals, Please Call 708-690-1911
to Schedule Your Appointment

Workplace Injuries

Assessment and care of work related injuries.

Pre-Employment Clearance

 Medical clearance and TB testing for pre-employment.

DOT Physicals

Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam and urine collection.

DOT Urine Testing: Quick, Accurate, and Confidential

Our Urgent Care center offers specialized DOT urine testing, ensuring fast and accurate results for federal employees. Adhering strictly to DOT regulations, we provide confidential testing services, essential for maintaining workplace safety and compliance. Trust us for efficient urine testing, conducted by our expert medical staff in a professional and discreet environment.

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